Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Gourmet Goddess - News

Hi Foodie Friends

Just a few Gourmet Goddess news items for your information.....

Firstly, In May I will be packing my bags yet again and heading off on another trip. (Yes, I know I just back back from the last one!) This time I will be heading to London, then a few weeks in Scotland (Inverness, Glasgow, Edinburgh) to visit my lovely sister George and finally to Paris, where I will be attending cooking school. This will all happen for the entire month of May, but I am already preparing a number of recipes and blogs to keep you entertained when I am away - so don't fret - you will all get your GG fix whilst I am off eating haggis! Of course when I return I will have all manner of recipes and foodie stuff to share with you, all inspired by my travels. I fly out on 1 May and will be back here in the Gourmet Goddess kitchen on 31 May.

If you enjoy Gourmet Goddess and you are also on Facebook, don't forget that you can join the Gourmet Goddess Foodblog Fans Group. Just head to:!/group.php?gid=86784532290

In other news, I am now listed on Foodie Blogroll. Check it out if you also want to find other culinary inspired blogs you might be interested in:

I recieved an email this week from PetitChef - a French based food site - inviting me to join their stable of food bloggers. I was delighted to accept the invitation and now my recipes will also be included on their site. If you would like to visit PetitChef, then head here:

I will be back in the kitchen later in the week, so stay tuned.

Delicious regards


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