Friday, April 30, 2010

Gourmet Goddess Newsflash!!!

Hi everyone - Just a reminder that for the month of May, I am packing my bags and stamping my passport and heading off on another trip. My travels will include a brief soujourn in Korea, then to the UK - London, Inverness, Edinburgh, Glasgow and finally Paris, where I am enrolled in cooking school (I'm coming over all "Julia Child" just thinking about it - Bon Appetit!)

For those regular Gourmet Goddess readers who were very vocal about having no new posts to read the last time I went away, you can rest easy. I have been working on a secret stash of recipes that will be posted when I am overseas, so you can get your regular GG fix! When I return, I'm sure I will have all manner of foodie delights to share, pictures to post and tales to tell, so stay tuned.

So, bon voyage until then - see you all in a month.

Delicious regards
The Gourmet Goddess

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