Sunday, July 11, 2010

Gourmet Goddess Newsflash!!

Hi Gourmet Goddess readers

I wanted to share some very happy news with you all and announce that on Friday, my partner Andrew asked me to marry him. I of course, promptly burst into tears and said yes! As well as a huge smile on my face I am now also sporting a beautiful white gold and diamond engagement ring.

We are both absolutely thrilled and have spent the weekend sharing the news with loved ones and celebrating (which, for wine buffs,  included a 1975 vintage bottle of Grange -Thanks to my gorgeous inlaws, Kate and Peter! Amazing) We are looking forward to a late April/early May wedding in 2011, followed by a honeymoon in Paris.

So, it looks like the Gourmet Goddess kitchen has found a permanent Sous Chef! I am happy to report that my future husband can cook (the first thing he ever cooked for me was a superb beef wellington) and has asked me to assure GG readers that he isn't just marrying me for my cooking :)

And no..... I will not be catering my own wedding. Although I have to admit I did think about it - but only for a moment!



  1. Congratulations and love from Amanda and a guy who knows your Andrew as "Andy Bean" - (he knows who I am!)

  2. A very warm welcome to the family Gourmet Goddess! and congratulations to you both!! We are SO happy that you have found each other. If you haven't already, you just HAVE to try your soon-to-be-mother-in-laws Pate - it is hands down the best Pate in the world! Please keep us posted on your wedding plans, there is nothing more exciting than a wedding! lots of love - Cousin Jas, Joce & Belle xxxxx

  3. Thanks guys! We are both so happy and it is a very exciting time for us. We are yet to set the date but will do so very soon - hopefully this week! - once we know we can get the venue we want (waiting to hear back from them)We enjoyed Kate's pate on Saturday night, along with a beautiful pistachio crusted lamb which was wonderful. Looking forward to meeting the rest of my new family, and yes, will keep everyone posted on the plans. Love GG (or Toni to you guys!)XX

  4. Congrats GG & Andrew, Only heard of the news just then and the kids are all excited asking questions. Hope to catch and meet up with you and Andrew (if Andrew will allow LOL). Love Michelle, Wayne, Aaron, Chels and Alex XXX

  5. So happy that Cousin Andrew has found his jewel in his crown, may life sparkle always for both of you, great news. What a busy year for the family (puppies for Aunty K8, a wedding for GG and Andrew and a baby for us)they say it happens in three's. Cant wait to catch up and celebrate, will have to be some time in sept as bubbi is due in 4 weeks. By the way the rabbit dish looks wicked cant wait for Ian (my head chef) to whipp it up. Will let you know how he goes. Love to you both and welcome to the family. Love Renee Ian and Bubbi xxxx

  6. Hi Cousin's in law! Sounds like there is going to be lots of celebration on the cards. We have now set the date - April 16 2011. We have alreday pretty much got the planning sorted - see what happens when 2 super organised people get together. :) Looking forward to meeting you and the bub XXX