Thursday, September 23, 2010

Gourmet Goddess takes a break.....

 Hi everyone - I know that we are way past due for this week's offering from the Gourmet Goddess kitchen, but I am stopping to take a break, after the big move. We have spent the last few days moving not one, but two houses and merging them and are currently in the process of unpacking. The new house is just lovely and we are already feeling very much at home. Kitchen wise, I am making the big leap from gas cooking to electricity. I am a big fan of cooking with gas and was nervous about the whole electricity thing, but my new electric stove is working really well so far. Every oven has it's own idiosyncrasies to master and I'm learning as I go.

Once the unpacking is completed (1 room to go and counting!) we start on the garden. It is already really nice, but there are herbs and veges to get in and I have my heart set on having some purple Pansies and pretty spring flowers in there too. I have already bought French Lavender, a big Rosemary bush and some climbing Jasmine. My mother in law is heading down from the coast on the weekend with seedlings she has been cultivating and I can't wait to see what she has grown for us. In other garden news, we scored a great bargain wooden outdoor setting on EBay the other night, just perfect for outdoor entertaining. I see lots of outdoorsy, BBQ recipes in my future!

See you all next week when GG returns with new recipes and food ideas. Enjoy your week and be sure to take in some of that beautiful spring sunshine and the fantastic produce that has started to appear. Don't forget the flowers too!


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